Regardless of whether you want to make a travel guide for your city, province, film festival or zoo, the most optimal solution is to make a guide in form of mobile phone application.

This kind of travel guide offers the biggest number of options, because it can contain unlimited amount of data in different media: in the form of text, pictures, maps and audio narrator.

This way, our virtual travel guide will be available to a great number of users, without unnecessary costs. Users will be in a position to choose the content they are interested in by themselves, in the language they understand, fully offline.

A special part of the application is "augmented reality" option, which will lead the user towards the desired position. At the same time, user can also use purpose-built map as an orientation guide.

Our company aims to become a leader in this field, especially as we have already developed platform and we have the necessary human resources.

Almost 20 professionals among whom there are translators, programmers, designers and tourismologists, will attend to fully respond to your needs.

For all of these reasons, we are able to respond to your requests with high quality, cheaply and fast.

In case you want your hotel, hostel, restaurant, taxi service, festival or other business to find itself in the advertising space on our applications, we are at your disposal.

Also, if you're interested in buying some of our already made applications please feel free to contact us by email

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